All terrain dual density outsole

Excellent slip resistance




High Quality Buffalo Leather Uppers

Tear and Stretch Resistant





Absorbs harmful vibrations

shock absorber





The PU Sole footwear manufacturing process consist of three steps:


 Manufacturing of Synthetic Leather uppers and straps.


 Pouring of PU Liquid into moulds of shoes by pouring machine.


Finishing & packing.


Manufacture of Uppers :


To manufacture uppers from synthetic leather sheet, the Upper sheet is pasted with PU liner cloth by the lamination machine. Required uppers are then cut from the pasted sheet by putting on platform of upper cutting hydraulic machine and then placing knife on the sheet. The cut uppers then send for stitching by industrial sewing machines. After stitching, eyelets are inserted into the uppers by eyeleting machine and insoles (sox) are stitched by string lasting machine.



Pouring of PU liquid into moulds :


In this process , first of all ready uppers are lasted. On the last of Shoes mould manually and then moulds are closed. These closed moulds are then kept on the 62 stations conveyer, which moves in anticlock wise direction. In this way the moulds keep moving along with conveyer. The conveyer stops for a few minutes under the arms of pouring machines where the PU Liquid (mixture of Poly isocyanate and polylol) is poured into hot mould by the nozzle fitted into the tubes carrying PU Liquid which comes through pump from the containers of Poly isocyanate and polylol.


The whole arrangement is fixed on the stand of the machine (arms). Before pouring the liquid into mould, moulds are cleaned by MCL Liquid and then mould-realizing agent is applied inside the mould, the moulds are heated by passing though the hot chamber, which is fitted, on conveyers. The setting of PU liquid in hot moulds starts gradually and after setting of PU, moulds are opened manually. Shoes are then removed from the mould and another upper is lasted on the last of mould for PU casting. The computer of the machine controls the volume of PU liquid, pouring time, time period and mould temperature.



Finishing & packing


After casting PU sole, shoes are shifted for checking, & trimming and then printed sponge insole is inserted into the shoes. The finished shoes are packed into Corrugated Boxes and finally into cartoon.



The process flowchart of manufacturing PU Footwear can be depicted as under.


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